Should You Bathe Cockatoos and Amazon Parrots?

Should You Bathe Cockatoos and Amazon Parrots?

Sheryl M. asks:


Hi Mitch and Catherine,


Love your information.


Should you bathe cockatoos and Amazon parrots?


My yellow-headed Amazon will get in her water bowl every now and then to bathe herself.


Should I be spraying her or bathing her on a Regular Basis?


What about cockatoos?



Dear Sheryl


Yes, all captive birds should be given the chance to bathe.


You can provide a heavy glass pie pan or crock with water, usually in the morning for the most enthusiasm from your birds.

You can also use a dish attached to the bars securely like this 40 oz Smart Crock.



Have you tried vacuuming and notice them fluffing their feathers or diving into their water dishes?


For some reason, a vacuum cleaner sounds like running water to them.


If you decide to mist them, spray upwards and let the waterfall down upon them, Don’t squirt the water “at” them.


I hope this helps.



MitchR weighs in here:


Keep in mind Amazons have no uropygial gland to help their feather stay intact.


It’s very important to have Amazons bathe in general to keep their feathers in great shape.


Natra BirdBath Spray has preening oil in it and is useful for helping birds bathe.




Mitch Rezman

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