My Budgie Isn’t Active Until My Sisters Parakeet Arrives, Why?

The whole question from Quora was as follows:


My parakeet isn’t really active (eating, exploring, playing) until my sister’s parakeet comes around. That does this mean?


Catherine responded:


Birds of a feather flock together and you don’t have any feathers.


It sounds like your parakeet prefers the company of another parakeet and is happy when one comes by.



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Neighbor’s Are Suing Me for My Amazon’s Noise What Can I Do?

Pamela S writes:


I’ve 2 yellow Naples 37 and 40 years of age I’ve had since hand feeding. 


Recently after 26 years in this neighborhood my neighbor after 8 years has taken me to court for noise violation.


They’re outdoor cages in Fl. With 1 umbrella cockatoo in this heat, the judge said I should cover them which would kill them.



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I Have Questions About the 72 Hour Circadian Reset Technique

Bill P. asks:


I have questions about the 72-hour circadian reset technique.


1. During the day portion of the 72 hour period would there be a problem with taking the bird, Blue and Gold Macaw out of her cage for food, exercise, and to interact with the family.


2. Can you provide clinical references pertaining to this technique?



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How Do I Transition 8 Amazons and 2 Macaws to a Large Aviary?

Barb H. asks:


I’d appreciate advice on integrating parrots into a 36′ X 10 communal aviary for 8 amazons & 2 macaws.


These birds have all lived together in the same room divided by partitions. Although separated, they can see each other and communicate.


Since they’re familiar with each other, I’m hoping for a painless transition.



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My Budgie is Plucking and I Don’t Know Why?

Mary W. relates:


One of my budgies (male 2 years old) got a crop infection late Jan.
He was plucking at his abdomen.
The vet put him on antibiotics and had to keep him at the vet clinic for a week as my brother had a heart attack & died and the friend that I had taking care of my birds could not catch him (fully flighted) to give him meds.
When I got back 10 days later and picked up my guy from the vet-all of his chest feathers were gone!
I figured that once I got him back to his flock he would be ok.


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Is a 20 year old Maximilian Pionus Still of Breeding Age?

Maximilian Pionus AKA Maximilian parrot AKA Maximilian’s Pionus AKA Maximilian’s parrot AKA the scaly-headed Pionus ~ (above)
Debra R. shares:
I have just acquired a 20-year-old Maximilian Pionus.
Is she still of breeding age?
She was used as a breeder her whole life, is there a point where birds are too old to breed?
Having a difficult time finding information pertinent to this breed in regard to lifespan.
Nothing consistent.
Anywhere between 25-40 years.
I’ve had many birds in my life, and can’t say enough good things about the Pionus.
If you have any info on the breeding issue, I would love to know about it.
And btw, I love the newsletter you put out each week. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


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