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Is It Necessary That My Budgies Be Let Out of the Cage?

Is It Necessary That My Budgies Be Let Out of the Cage?

Georgia P. asks:


Is it absolutely necessary that my budgies be let out of the cage?


One got out twice and was out 3 hrs refusing to get near his cage.


Finally, I had to catch him and put him back.


Did everything to get him back in…treats, toys.


They are healthy, eat like little pigs, jabber all day, take baths.


So is it that important for them to be out?


I really love my guys!


The cage is 40″ high by 22″ wide by 20″ deep.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you!


Dear Georgia

No, your budgies can live just fine within a roomy cage.

If they are not interested in you or another human for companionship, they likely would be more than happy to live in their own little protected world.


Your cage is 22″ wide x 20″ deep?



If so, 2-4 budgies should be comfortable there. Any more and it could be crowded.


I would recommend that you install a light directly over the cage set on a timer 12 hours on and 12 hours off.


This Economy bulb works well.


Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb with Clamp Light & Timer Read more:

Here is our lighting section.


The light will encourage your birds to return to their cage if let out.


The light also helps keep their hormone levels even so they don’t mate or lay eggs which can result in bickering and other health issues.


You can read the articles we have on this topic in our blog.


Several BLOG articles on LIGHTING

BTW – We use a butterfly net

Best of luck


Mitch Rezman

He's handled a 1000 birds of numerous species when they visited monthly birdie brunches in the old Portage Park (Chicago, IL) facility. The one with the parrot playground.Mitch has written and published more than 1100 articles on captive bird care.He's met with the majority of  CEO's and business owners for most brands in the pet bird space and does so on a regular basis.He also constantly interacts with avian veterinarians and influencers globally.

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