Will Light Therapy Stop My Bird From Plucking?

Will Light Therapy Stop My Bird From Plucking?

Stacy T writes:

My bird is a plucker and your recent article about lighting is something I’d like to try.


I’m not sure what full-spectrum light to purchase as he has a cage that has a solid play top.


I’m thinking I cannot attach something to top that will shine through so should I get a floor light?


I understand it needs to be fairly close though and do I need a different one for night?




Catherine replied


The best thing to do is to remove the tray from the play top. (see featured photo above)


That way you can hang or mount a light above the cage and it will shine down through the top.


The small amount of poop that drops through the top is minimal against the benefit of lighting inside the cage.


Hang or mount it as close to the top of the cage as possible.


If your bird spends most of its time inside the cage then you can set it right on the upper grate.


Otherwise, you would hang one as low as you can without the bird messing with it.


We have lights within inches of the tops of our cages and they don’t bother with them at all.


This economy bulb can be inserted into any lamp you have now.



Economy Bulb


This section has all the lamps and bulbs we offer.




Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb with Clamp Light & TimerFull Spectrum Economy
Daylight Bulb with Clamp Light & Timer

The clamp can be removed for swag installation 


Take a look, you may be able to find something locally as well.


Set up the light on a timer 12 hours on and 12 hours off and let your bird start to enjoy it. Hopefully, it can help with the plucking.


Stacy replied

This is the first time I have used a full spectrum light with my amazon.
He loves it!!  It is so peaceful!!

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