Which Harrison’s Pellets Should I Be Serving My Birds?

Steve S. Writes:


My birds have been on Harrison’s high potency for 13 years.


They are just so healthy, I don’t want to switch.


I talked to two avian vets; one said “if it’s not broke don’t fix it”, the other said it wouldn’t hurt to switch, but it wasn’t critical.


First, call Harrison’s support line at 1-800-745-7329.


They are extremely helpful and one-time doctor Harrison himself answered the phone.


Very nice guy and he really knows about birds.



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Can Light Therapy Solve These 3 Birds Hormonal Problems?

Drugs like Lupron, Haldol, and Prozac were designed and tested by the FDA on humans.


Zero long term testing of these drugs have been performed on any bird ~ ever.


The next time a veterinarian tells you “these are safe for your bird.”


Your response should be “please provide the data that backs up your statement.”



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