Can I Train Two 1 Year Old Budgies to Fly?

Can I Train Two 1 Year Old Budgies to Fly?

Carol Wrote:


Mitch: I read on line something you wrote about the possibility of training adult budgies.


I have inherited two budgies – about 1-year-old.


They are in a cage and have never been trained.


They seem very happy with each other.


They are very active and chatty.


I don’t like the idea of them being caged all the time and encountering your online comment gave me a glimmer of possibility that these two birds could learn to fly around our home but I don’t have a clue where, to begin with, this.


Since they appear happy should I just keep interacting with them from outside their cage and leave well enough alone?


I truly love them and want to do what is best for them. I live in Santa Barbara CA.


Hi Carol.


We advocate keeping your birds flighted.

except when they are new to your home.


We clip their wings and then test for flight trajectories ie landings.


Birds don’t need to be taught how to fly, they need to learn where and how to land.


Start from 6 inches over a bed to ensure no damage to your bird chest.


If they can fly a foot toss the bird onto the top of its cage so it knows where to land.


Every week back up another foot.


While this is going on teach them landing zones.


The tops of drapes are not good because of poop.


They will get crushed on door tops.


We don’t let them fly on the first floor of Windy City Parrot because doors are opening all-day.


Can I train Two – 1-year-old budgie to fly?


Upstairs is another issue having a 50-foot long space to fly.


Keto our ringneck has been with us for 2 years and is a great flyer despite some damage to his left-wing he suffered before coming to us.


Clicker training videos for birds – from tricks to flight –


He likes mirrors and ball toys with bells.


This stand on a former CD storage unit is 9 feet from his cage and has a Mango traveler atop.


Mango travelor parrot playsyans atop an od CD storage case


The perch is 52 inches off the floor.


Please note another stand in the background for “TV” time.


Chili, a blue Quaker, who we’ve had for 3 weeks now came to us clipped but we always clip new bird’s wings and would have if he was not already done so.


The tripod stand (sorry, no longer available) is set low to the ground so he doesn’t hurt himself if he jumps off.


View of tripod bird perch with 2 bird cages in the background Notice the gateway, that he likes climbing onto the bed and then on to my shoulder while in my office chair, next to the bed.


BTW the boys are on “lockdown” for light therapy.


Locked in their cages for 72 hours with the lights on.


This is what it looks like at night.


2 bird cages covered at night with lighting still on


Lastly, because Chili is still a “floor walker” I gave him a place to go for now that he can easily access.


He hangs out for a while so he’s “not on his cage”.


colorful ladder on micro 2 shelf rack with small bird stand atop


To your point:

How can I tame two adult budgies at once? –




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