Airports Use LEDs for Bird Avoidance, What’s Over Your Cage?

Hi Renée,


It’s understandable to be confused about lighting as it relates to birds.


I want to offer some background first.


RE:  I asked Mark, the owner about his LED’s flickering and this is what he said, “Mostly an old wives’ tale. AC (alternating current) does cause a flicker when it alternates direction, there are no studies that I know of that show this is bad for birds.

Those stories came out when people first started using LED’s because people just HATE new things and will make up anything to discredit them. Florescent bulbs flicker WAY more than AC led’s.

However, my LED’s are 12VDC (direct current) so there is absolutely NO flickering.”


I get that a lot (the DC current doesn’t flicker, thing), lets start with:


Editor’s note:  LED pet bird lights plug into a 120-volt wall socket. The 120-volt current steps down to 12v DC with a transformer inside the LED lighting fixture Endnote



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How Do I Transition an Older Military Macaw Into My Home?

Heather M. relates:

We have had a Military Macaw now for just a little over a month.


She (assuming, never been sexed) is appropriately 17 yrs old.


She has been adapting to a new home and owners obviously.


And she is also new to getting attention for more than 15/20 minutes a day and being out of her cage with us most of her awake time, which she seems to be loving.



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Why Won’t This African Grey Play With His Toys?

Barbara G. is concerned about her African grey’s lack of interest in bird toys:

Hi Mitch, I really enjoy your Sunday bird info.

My male Timneh suddenly has become frightened of his toys.


Even a piñata shredding toy.


A few months ago, I purchased a bag of beautiful handmade all-natural bird toys.



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Why Is My Budgie Itchy and Plucking His Feathers?

Kris S. seeks advice:

We got a budgie when he was 1 month old rarely in his cage and very spoiled/loved. 


Got 2nd young male 2-3 months later, he was a month old as well.


Moody Blue, the first one, is VERY jealous of Zipper, the new one. 


Zipper wants to be friends and tries to be near Moody but he just won’t allow it and will bite at times. 



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Should I Be Worried About the Bald Spot on My Older Conure?

Barbara G. has a concern


Tootsie is a forty-two-year-old green-cheek conure who has lived with me for forty-one years.


The top of her head is completely bald, with front red feathers remaining.


She sleeps a lot but is otherwise active.


She enjoys her regular food along with a handout from her person.


She does not pluck her feathers, loves annoying me, and is a first-class cuddler.


Could this be age-related?



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How to Remodel a Cage to Reduce 2 Bird’s Hormonal Behavior

This thread took place during the entire month of December 2020.

Spoiler alert (also found at end of the post)

Hi Catherine I don’t know if you got my email from the other day about the lighting treatment for Reggie’s hormones.

It did the trick.

She is so much friendlier to Kiwi there was just one time she went at him when he was on his stand but it wasn’t as bad as it was before the lighting treatment.

I know you are probably so busy I just wanted to know if she starts to show aggressive behavior do we do the 72 hr or 7 days she is still a little hormonal but not nearly as bad she loves going under my blanket lol.

Thanks again for your advice it was the best Christmas present we could have asked for.❤

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