Should I Give Meds to My Conure to Relax and Quiet Him Down?

I rescued a male conure aged 3 yrs.

Gino is mean and a biter….No matter what I do.

New cage.

Change and varied foods.

Very loud squawking.


I adore him.

He doesn’t feel the same.

Meds to relax and quiet him down?! Grama’s wondering.


Catherine Tobsing replied


Can you say what kind of conure?


Medication is not the answer. Conures are loud, there is no getting around that.

If the bird doesn’t talk then it will communicate with you the only way it knows.


Biting is not always easy to get past. It may get better over time but may not.


We have a rescued African Ringneck that bites as well and he must be moved around with a perch only to keep our hands safe.


Laurel Claire replied


Gino is a 3 yo green cheeked conure.


He’s a very intelligent boy, but I don’t know his history – except he was alone in a pet shop for 2 yrs. in Kentucky I was told.


He has a purple bracelet.


I want him to have a happy life, but he has no intention of being social.


He bites and is squawking a lot.


He has bells, wooden toys to chew but has ruined 2 sets of window blinds….


For your consideration,

Laurel Claire


Catherine Tobsing replied


Dear Laurel Claire


The purple band is from his breeder. If the bird is not bothered by it, just leave it alone.


What’s the Story with Bird Leg Bands?


If he was left in a cage for two years without handling or socialization, even in a busy pet shop, it could have caused him lasting emotional distress.


It is not unusual that he bites.


A rescued parrot comes with its own baggage and may not be tame like a handfed baby is.

Getting him to not bite may come with time and trust, but may not. It cannot be forced.


Can you accept him as he is forever?


We rescued a 17-year-old African Ringneck male parrot and he bites.


If he sees flesh closeby he will grab, bite and hang on, thus we can’t hold him other than on a perch.


But he greatly enjoys being near people and or other birds.


He has a large cage where he can play in or on top with his favorite bell toys and balls.


African ringneck parrot on top of large aviary bird cage with full spectrum lighting on top


He likes to watch us and talk to and call out to us and even fly around some, but he stays close to his cage.


We also talk to him back and when we enter and leave the room. He is family even if we can’t handle him.


Note: One way to encourage your bird to stay near his cage is to have the strongest light in the room over his cage.


[videopress xqYEU5Il]


Birds enjoy bright lighting and will tend to spend more of their time near it.


We recommend starting with full-spectrum lighting no more than 6 inches over the top of the cage, on a timer.


12 hours – 12 hours off


double full spectrum light over budgie aviary bird cage


This helps stabilize your bird’s circadian rhythms. 


Here’s more on the subject of light and birds




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