Can I Cure My Birds Biting With Light Therapy?

Catherine writes


I had an at length phone call with a long-time customer.


Her bird has been biting and she wanted a referral to a behaviorist.

We talked about Keto and his biting, then I discussed the lighting issue that might be biting triggers and she was interested.


From: Charmaine 
Subject: Re: Lighting


Dear Catherine,


I learned a great deal about lighting and birds today during our conversation, and I really appreciate how generous you were with your time.


Your knowledge and experience are invaluable, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing them with me. I know we’ll be talking again soon.


Many thanks and happy holidays,




Dear Charmaine


I enjoyed our conversation today. Sorry if I was a little longwinded. You are a good listener.


Here are a few links to our lighting blog posts.


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Our Lighting Category


These Economy Bulbs are fine.


One bulb set up as close to the top of the cage or 6-12 inches above where they would sit on a stand.


We used to sell other brands, some that cost upwards of $30.


We don’t find they are any better than the $12 one we sell.


full spectrum light bulb and clamp on shade


We do sell them with a clamp-on light here.


But you can put the bulbs in any fixture that you have that will work out for you.


Here they are above the parakeet aviary. It is a large cage so they need more than one bulb.


[videopress xqYEU5Il]


I also attached a picture of the Featherbrite Lamp that is mounted on top of Keto’s cage (the African Ringneck).


featherbrite full spectrum light on top of aviary with African ringneck parakeet


Featherbrite Cage Top Lamp


featherbrite swag lampshade for pet birds


Featherbrite Swag Lamp


These lamps are very nice looking and come with a metal frame that allows it to be attached to any style cage.


It could also be set right on top of the cage without the frame.


But this allows the light to light the top of the cage some too when he plays up there.


I hope this helps you with your GCC and he settles down.


Let me know.


Thank you so much


Mitch Rezman

He's handled a 1000 birds of numerous species when they visited monthly birdie brunches in the old Portage Park (Chicago, IL) facility. The one with the parrot playground.Mitch has written and published more than 1100 articles on captive bird care.He's met with the majority of  CEO's and business owners for most brands in the pet bird space and does so on a regular basis.He also constantly interacts with avian veterinarians and influencers globally.

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