Is There A Smaller Micro-chip Available For Small Birds?

LL (G2MomPerson) asks

Is there a smaller micro-chip available for smaller birds like a Goffins Cockatoo or Cocktail?


I asked my avian vet & she wasn’t aware of a smaller chip for smaller birds/animals.


If there is a smaller chip, what is it called & who makes it?

Chloe, our G2, is an over preener, thus my concern about her “discovering” a larger chip & wanting to “remove” it.


Any & all info appreciated.


Chloe G2’s MomPerson


ps…Love having brunch w/you each Sunday!



Hi G2’s MomPerson

​Thank you for your kind words.


​I have seen a seasoned parrot rescue worker micro chip several tiels.


​I’ve also seen my avian veterinarian drain 25 g of fluid from our tiels abdomen weekly for 12 weeks due to Ascites without hitting an organ or piercing the abdominal wall.


Point is that a tiel can be chipped but I would be concerned about the “over preening” issue with your G2.


At the end, of the day it would be a decision between you and your vet.


Find more about microchipping here




Mitch Rezman

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