Can Wet Birds Fly?



Watch this osprey get fully submerged.


I find it amazing the bird has enough energy to take off as water-laden as it got.


Note the “rounded” wing flap necessary for enough lift to fully emerge and propel itself from the surface carrying not only the fish but a few pounds of water caught up in its feather (integumentary) system.



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What Can I Use for Bird Safe Air Fresheners?

This is a follow up to last weeks post asking


Can I Use Oils And Candles Near My Pet Birds?


Weezie asked “so what can I use for bird safe air fresheners”?


Hi Weezie

​There is no end to the combinations of fruits, extracts, spices, and herbs you can use to make your house smell like a slice of heaven without interfering with your bird’s respiratory system.


Individual tastes and experimentation will help you arrive at the perfect one.


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