How do i get my budgies to eat veggies

How Do I Get My Budgies to Eat Veggies

Please enjoy this great budgie feeding hack from the folks at Windy City Parrot


We wanted to serve our budgies vegetables but we were frustrated.


We had success with a couple of lettuce products like serving an entire core of iceberg lettuce.

And we also knew that budgies like to bathe on top of iceberg lettuce for whatever reason that is.


We introduced romaine lettuce into their daily bath dishes which they really enjoyed.


So much so that we had to clip the lettuce to the dish, otherwise they would send it to the cage floor 5 feet below.


We knew the little heathens loved their millet which we had scaled-back over the past few months for nutritional reasons.


It was decided that we would leverage their love millet by sprinkling it over the fresh (frozen) veggies in their bath dishes.


Lo and behold you can see the results below.

Befoe and after shots of budgies eating veggies using millet


Let us know how this works for your flock.


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