Windy City Parrot Defines Medium Large and Large Size Species of Pet Birds

Parrots we classify as Medium Large Species


Blue-fronted Amazon – Cuban Amazon – Double Yellow-headed – Amazon  – Green-cheeked Amazon – Lilac-crowned Amazon – Mealy Amazon – Orange-winged Amazon – Red-lored Amazon – Spectacled Amazon – Tres Marias Amazon – Tucuman Amazon = Yellow-billed Amazon – Yellow-naped Amazon – Yellow-shouldered Amazon – Vinaceous Amazon



Bare Eye Cockatoo – Citron Cockatoo – Goffin’s Cockatoo
Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo – Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo – Medium Sulphur-crested Cockatoo – Rose-Breasted Cockatoo (Galah) – Slender-Billed Cockatoo

Conures – Click for larger list

Greater Patagonian Conure

Eclectus Parrots 

Red Sided Eclectus – Solomon Island Eclectus – Vosmaeri Eclectus

Macaw Parrots

Blue Throat Macaw – Military Macaw Parrots – African Grey Congo Parrot


Cape Parrot – Great-billed Parrot – Greater Vasa Parrot – Hawk-headed Parrot – Jardine’s Parrot – Lesser Vasa Parrot

Large size species of pet birds


Blue-fronted Amazon – Double Yellow-headed Amazon


Black Palm Cockatoo – Glossy Black cockatoo – Greater Sulphur-crested Cockatoo – Moluccan Cockatoo – Red-tailed Black Cockatoo – Short-billed Black Cockatoo – Umbrella Cockatoo – Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

Large Macaws

Blue and Gold Macaw – Buffwing (Buffons & Green Wing Macaws) Caloshua Macaws (Blue Gold & Hyacinth) – Camelot Macaw
(Green Wing & Calico) – Capri Macaws (Scarlet & Camelot Macaw) – 
Catalina Macaw (Blue Gold & Scarlet Macaw) – Flame Macaw (Catalina & Green Wing) – Green-winged Macaw – Harlequin Macaw – Hyacinth Macaw – Ruby Macaw Scarlet Macaw – Verde (Scarlet & Buffon’s) Macaw

Mitch Rezman

He's handled a 1000 birds of numerous species when they visited monthly birdie brunches in the old Portage Park (Chicago, IL) facility. The one with the parrot playground. Mitch has written and published more than 1100 articles on captive bird care. He's met with the majority of  CEO's and business owners for most brands in the pet bird space and does so on a regular basis. He also constantly interacts with avian veterinarians and influencers globally.

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