Our birdie brunch buffet just got budgerigarer

Our birdie brunch buffet just got budgerigarer

Ok I admit it – it’s like a drug – an addiction – “I need more birds man” Jason Crean the organizer of the TASC components of the 68th annual National Caged Bird Show was seeking to re home 2 budgies.

Catherine and I had discussed rounding out Bacon & Eggs cage with another budgie or two. When I saw the two budgies in front of Tracy who was reluctantly helping Jason by accepting them I mentioned “we were in the market”.

Tracy responded with “Jason just wants his cage back – do you have a cage?”

As it turned out Catherine had cleaned and prepped a small transport cage in the likely event we found a pair of budgies to add to our new beautiful budgie cage

4 budgies in a cage named bacon eggs toast jam

So how was the bird show you ask? Here are some visuals



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