Help – My Sun Conure Screams Loudly When He Cannot See Me

Photograph courtesy of jmbead

from “comments” in a recent order confirmation email:

he is less than a year old and screams loudly when he cannot see me. I am hoping the calm herb will be effective when my neighbors are home. Or just gives me a break when i need it. I took him to my moms for christmas and she was not happy about the loudness. 🙁

desta baldwin – Order number: WCP-89743 Order Date: 1/15/2016

Hi Desta

I’ve got a couple of ideas but need a bit more info

what kind of bird ? – how do we know it’s a he? – flighted or clipped? – did mom yell “shut up” at the bird? – could you send a pic of the bird in it’s cage? – thanx mitchr


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Are Himalayan Salt Lamps to Parrots what Coal Mines Were to Canaries?

Editor’s note: some of you may remember my journey enabling my mother’s return to Chicago Arlene (my mom) has been on five of the seven continents. Eight years ago at the tender age of 76 she spent three weeks traveling to China.

The Himalayas span five countries: India, Nepal, Bhutan, China (Tibet), and Pakistan, with the first three countries having sovereignty over most of the range. At the time, China had not closed the border to Tibet and she was able to spend three days there. According to mom the majesty, environment and the purity of the air you breathe in the Himalayas – cannot be understated.


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Is it Plucking, Molting or Over-preening? Why are those Feathers on the Cage Floor?

A subscriber from our Sunday Brunch writes

I recently adopted a 15-year-old Severe Macaw whose previous owner had a terminal illness.


I could tell the Macaw had been taken care of meticulously from the written records of her care from Hatch Papers to recent complete blood panels however I never had the opportunity to question the previous owner concerning details of ‘Bandit”.


I knew the moment I saw her that I wanted her as I owned a Severe 30+ years ago and have known several over the years but none as sweet as this little girl.



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I Need A Powder Coated Bird Cage – But I’m Not Sure Why

This question that came in recently is a reminder that we as a company should assume nothing.

“I have a dark colored copper cage that is about 25 years old. I am having a new cage bottom made. I would like to paint it with a powder coated paint. Do you have any products that would help me or do you know where I may purchase them”?

Regards – Mark

editors note – heard on the street: “I want a powder coated cage” “everyone is selling powder coated bird cages” “I don’t know what a powder coated cage is but I think my bird should have one”


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Fixing the My Bird Hates Pellets but I Love Pellets – Enigma

Some of you realize – many of you don’t. The majority of social media posts you read were programmed days or weeks before for “future distribution”. This means whoever is pushing the erudition out won’t be around when you’re reading their content to actually engage you in a discussion about this new important “message” from the person or brand you are following.

Water from a fire hose is fine for putting out fires, but you can’t drink water from a fire hose and you can’t water plants with a fire hose. Getting information from social media is like getting information from a fire hose.


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