Seeking Cage Topper Perches for My 2 Macaws

Hi, I am looking for two perches one for each of my macaws cages. I want to make it into a play area for them. Do you have any that would be good for this?

Hi Kasey,

We’re gonna make 2 assumptions here, one that you’re talking about large macaws are like Blue and Gold’s or Greenwings rather than mini macaws like Hahn’s or Nobles. Two, you have dome top cages.

Macaws have a different subset of caged bird keeping needs because of the length of their tails. They need taller cages and wider cages so their tails aren’t banging into the cage bars with every movement.


Blue & gold macaw on top of a prevue pet bird cage


This would apply to allowing them to perch on the top of the cage. A playtop cage will usually have a tray to catch refuse & poop at the top of the cage underneath the play area. With a dome top cage, although a short tail bird could perch in the center of the top of the cage, you’ll find yourself cleaning the top bars of the cage and new poop trajectories will find seek targets throughout the cage.

The bird’s tail is also going to get dragged back and forth across the cage bars that form the roof in the cage. This is why it makes the most sense to think about perch placement for this scenario in terms of placing the perch on the top “edge” on the cage or mount a single bolt perch (first pic below) on the side of the cage towards the top of the cage.

I’m going to make two recommendations. the first will be a jumble manzanita perch with a single mount that you can put anywhere inside or outside of the cage


the second reco is to put a “T” topper on the top of the cage making sure it’s close to an edge of the cage

Manzanita bolt on cage topper perch large

Find this large T Top manzanita perch here

Then you can introduce a an office chair mat or a sheet of linoleum under the cage to protect your floor.

hope that helps




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