How Did We Feed Pet Birds 100 Years Ago?

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Featured content – What do they call it these days? Aviculture – Bird Keeping – Caged Bird Keeping – Feathered Companionship – Bird Ownership – Bird Buddies? I’ve lost track. So to those of us who have birds in our lives we pay our due diligence to learn about things like interactive foraging toys, engineered bird food pellet solutions and avian enrichment.
The knowledge base (And misinformation) of bird care grows exponentially especially in social media. So much so that sometimes it just becomes “white noise.” One way for me to gain clarity on a subject is to look back at history when times were simpler and answers were not so complicated.
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Humans have been keeping birds as pets for centuries but it wasn’t until the end of the 19th century that commercial bird care products became available. I thought it would be interesting to turn down some of the noise and explore how people cared for birds two centuries ago. Strap yourself into my feathered Delorean & take a ride on the Bird Food Way-back Machine here.
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