Sprouting lovebird food

Higgins Snack Attack - Soak & Sprout Bird Seed with Quinoa 12 oz
I would like to find a source of seed mix for mylovebirds i can sprout. I tried to sprout some seeds for them and discovered the whole world doesn’t want their bird seed to sprout WTF. 
am I the only one that thinks that this is just wrong. my guys have a hard time getting used to eating different feed, and i want to get them into more food than just the seed in the food dish. I used to keep finches and would make a little garden in a tray with bird seed, and they went nuts when I would put in a fresh little lawn for them enjoy. 
Please help me. I feel alone in the universe, all the seed companies tout how their seed won’t germinate, and this sounds [email protected]#%*& UP to me. what do you think?
Natural Paul

Here are a couple sproutable foods we offer.
I hope these help.
Thank you

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