My bird can climb over & down the cage seed guards

Bird cage metal seed guards
My Sydney (19-yro) has finally figured how to climb over and down the bottom apron of her cage. Has anyone else had this problem and a solution other than keeping her in her cage? The four dogs tend to leave her alone but can not take forgranted..

 Having sold several thousand bird cages my recommendation would be take them off. They actually are more to clean and can be dangerous to other large and small humans and pets in the household. 
Not trying to spam you but here’s some “keep your cage area clean tips” on our website
 I am not sure how removing the apron will help John’s issue.
If birds want to climb down from a cage they will – even clipped birds can jump down from an any area above the seed guard so why introduce another layer of “un-safety”
Here’s some other downsides to the climbing over the seedguard issue
* an untrimmed nail caught in the seedguards “corner seam” as they climb down
* HQ & AE use a clip system that can come loose allowing a panel to come crashing down on the bird once the bird is on the floor
* If birds are on the outside of the bird cage to begin with they will poop on the seed guards and walk through the poop while getting down. The feces particulate will transfer to food by birds who eat with their feet
If you don’t want your bird on the floor he/she should remained caged or trained or assisted to migrate to an out-of-the-cage play stand. If you have a play top make sure there’s enough stuff to keep the birds interest

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