Should my Eclectus go on a Pellet Diet?

Ecelectus Parrot will work for food
Good Morning, I have a question and hope you might help me, wht do you feed your birds, I have a male Eclectus and a Male African Grey, I feed fresh vegs, fruit, home made pasta, brown rice, cooked birdy bread and cooked birdy grains, at night I give them a seed nut and sprout mix, I took the Eclectus to the vet yesterday and he wants to put him on a pellet only diet. Any help would be appreciated, also I love your sight, thanks for your help Crystal
Hi Crystal thank you for the kind words. Reading your message a couple of things come to mind. I’m not seeing where your birds are getting protein from the food you are feeding them. We like Hagen pellets especially the lifetime stick for the African grey. A little confused about your bets recommendations for the Eclectus. We always hate going against the grain when it comes to that’s – is he a board-certified avian vet? The reason I ask is Eclectus parrots have unique nutritional needs because their digestive tract is longer than most parents. Many Eclectus parrots suffer from vitamin toxicity because the nutrients sit in the digestive tract too long. We have a wonderful seed blend from Volkman that has no fortification nor vitamins added whatsoever which is ideal for an Eclectus diet here’s the links to those Eclectus foods let me know if we can be of further assistance 


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