Budgie breeding box use

Prevue Pet 1105 Wood Nest Box - Parakeet Nestbox for Outside of Cage - 1 Box
Hi Catherine,
I got some budgie breeding boxes from you a few months ago. I was happy with the service and the quality of the boxes and I did submit a review.
Since then, I have actually put the boxes to use. I have decided tht I don’t like the offset entry style with the side doors for viewing. Reason being is tht the concave is very shallow, but even more of a problem (at least for me) is that the wood material used for the bottom of the box & concave is very, very smooth and the eggs keep rolling all over.
I realize that these boxes are primarily intended for attaching to a cage, whereas I
set mine out inside my aviary. I tend to handle my boxes alot more than most people do and have to be extremely careful with these boxes. Even so, I can hear eggs rolling around just from movement of the hens as they leave and enter the boxes. 
The other day, I found a broken egg….about 2 days aways from hatching time, on the
aviary floor. I’ve never had that happen before. It was an experienced hen, contentedly sitting her newly hatched chick. The other 2 eggs were fine….so it did not appear she had gone on a tyrant……but most likely the egg did get broken and she cleared it away.
I moved the eggs to another box to insure it didn’t happen again. 
The hen using the other box has abandoned the concave and keeps her eggs way in the corner. I worry that it might be a problem when the chicks hatch. Being on a solid surface can contribute to leg splaying. 
I’ll have to keep the box well cushioned with bedding material. I’m going to have to figure out what to do with the floor before using the boxes again. 
Anyway….a learning curve. But just wanted to give you some more input on the boxes

Nesting material is recommended in breeding boxes for that purpose. Few boxes have a deep enough concave to hold the eggs all together. It also helps keep the eggs warmer.

Catherine Tobsing

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