Interactive Toy Too Big for My Birds

hi! i received everything i ordered from you folks in beautiful condition. sometimes it seems, other places just throw everything in a box and hope it gets to it`s destination in one piece.
was wondering if the see-saw toy i ordered came in a smaller size. my mini and both conures freaked out when they saw it, i guess, because it`s bigger than they are, ha! if not, what would you recommend that is smaller for foraging?
thanks for everything…diane porter

Dear Diane
I am glad your order came well packed and intact, we try our best. Especially all the way to California.
Sorry the See Saw toy is large enough to be scary to your birds. 
I suggest you entice them to go to it to start by either of these methods.
#1 Just to get them used to it, try tucking a millet spray in it so it sticks out, it may attract them to go over to it and taste it, thus getting used to the new item .
#2 Then next time, try filling up the toy FULL, they will SEE the food/treats, etc in it and start working on the stuff, then as it goes down, they may start to work the toy like it is meant to be to get to the rest of it.
We are seeking out more “smaller” foraging toys and have a few new ones in stock already.
Snack Rack Toy – It is lighter in weight and fun
Natures instinct interactive foraging bird toy snack rack
Barrel of Fun Toy – also smaller and easy
Nature's instinct foraging nut & treat holder barrel of fun toy
Treasure Chest – Small
Bird proof interactive bird toy - treasure chest - small
We are continuing to add toys to our website weekly. The Foraging toy section is found here.
Thank you.
Catherine Tobsing


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