Hagen bird food for parrotlets?

80630 Hagen Tropimix Premium Lovebird/Cockatiel Bird Food 2 LB
Would the Hagen food you talked about in your recent newsletter be good for parrotlets too?

Hagen makes food for birds from Finch size up to Macaws. The Hagen Tropimix variety comes in small to large sizes.
For Parrotlets I would recommend one of two varieties depending on how large of bits your birds enjoy. Parrotlets are small birds but do have large beaks and can eat food large enough for Cockatiels and Lovebirds, but some prefer small bits like for Budgies.
For the larger bits the 80630 Hagen Tropimix Premium Lovebird/Cockatiel Bird Food 2 LB
Item# 31501501091
For the smaller bits the 80600 Hagen Tropimix Premium Egg Food Canary/Finch/Budgie Bird Food 1.7 LB item# 31501501086
This second item is out of stock but should be back in mid week.
You can add yourself to the waiting list and as soon as it is back, you would receive an email notification so you can order it.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Thank you

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