Getting Cockatiels to Use Tidy Seed

Tidy seed bird food dispenser with cockatiel
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Received the small Tidy Seed promptly and put it to work right away. It’s been two days now, and my two cockatiels haven’t set foot in it. Yikes! The male has gotten as far as staring thru the plexiglass on the side, and lightly tapping at the food on the other side. He doesn’t like it if I try to aim him into the opening. I’m a little concerned that they’re going to starve to death if I don’t use their other containers! But, I also prefer not to cave in to their stubbornness, or what could simply be two clueless birds … :`>
If you have some words of wisdom, I’m open! Thanks ~

These have been very popular, can you place a small dish of food beside the Tidy seed dish for a few days, then slowly diminish with what is in the small dish and increase the food in the Tidy Feeder. Entice them with a treat placed in front.

Is the dish close enough to a perch so they can get in it by just sitting in front of it to access the bird food?

Cockatiels often will not like to be acrobats and want things easy to get it. An additional perch within an inch or so of the entry in the Tidy Seed bird feeder may be helpful?

Once the bird gives it a try they will love it and you will have less mess to clean up.

Let me know how it goes.

Thank you.

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

Hi Catherine ~ Thx for the feedback!
We tried luring them with millet sticking out of the feeder, and even after a day w/o eating any of their bird food, they wouldn’t buy it. Such martyrs….
However, you hit on something. The TidySeed is now on the outside of their bird cage and I found a long perch (from the perch graveyard…) that I can place near the feeder and parallel to the side where the TidySeed is attached. I filled the front section with bird food, so… now they can sit on the perch and munch if they choose. The other food container is within 5″ of the TidySeed , which makes the TidySeed bird food quite visible. I’ll use your idea of diminishing the seed in their regular dish and see if we can starve them into heading to the TidySeed … :`>
Looking forward to progress! I’ll let you know when one of them gets the “gold… ” Take care, Catherine ~

They really work well and once they get over their “spook” they will enjoy them, you will enjoy less clean up.

Glad you figured it out. (smile)


Catherine, Catherine, Catherine!
At least the female (Sophie) has the biggest brain ~ or she was the most hungry of the two. It has, indeed, been a full week since we installed the Tidey seed, and my testimonial is presented to offer hope to those in despair… never give up!
I decided to remove all feeding dishes and to place the TS as close as I could to the area of the most popular one. Stuffed it w/seed, adjusted the inside perch parallel to the TS, which is mounted outside the cage ~ and waited….. Yesterday she cautiously ventured into new territory after careful study. Of course, monkey-see, monkey-do; it didn’t take long for her dopey mate to cave in to trying it. Whew!! I was preparing to face cockatiel anorexia…
So. Now that the seed scatter w/b under better control, how about inventing something to catch the little white feathers that blow everywhere! Thanks a million for your continued encouragement, Catherine, and for the kindness of your staff. I wish you all the best and great success with your Tidy Seed!
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