Polycarbonate water bottle for birds

Polycarbonate water bottle for birds

Do you think there would be interest in a polycarbonate bottle for birds? It would be plastic, but could be autoclaved or run through a dishwasher. We are considering manufacturing one and didn’t know if there would be a call for one.



Sonia Wertz
Lixit Corporation
100 Coombs St., Napa, CA 94559
Sales Manager


Hi there, hope you are doing well. I am just getting over a head cold which thankfully does not seem it will relapse into something worse. 

Polycarbonate water bottles? The inert plastic that is replacing older carry-with water bottles for people? 

I don’t know. I know there is interest in people using it in place of a lot of other plastic for themselves.

But the ones that use plastic for their water bottles are looking for cheap. Your canary and budgie lovebird people that are using the 5 and 10 oz bottles would see an increase in cost I assume?

I get little interest in them these days, but we are not real heavy in stuff for the little birds. I offer them, the BB5 and BB10 and they move slowly. 

For big birds they would have to be really thick, perhaps as a replacement for the GB16 or GB32, but I think they like the glass. 

UNLESS, if they were unbreakable when the birds figure out how to open the latch to knock it out, then they might be a BIG HIT.

I have heavy duty plastic crocks that I sell that to replace the no longer made Fenix crocks and no one has ever asked if they were polycarbonate. they are just glad to have a crock for their California Cage 

Isn’t the polycarbonate thin and kind of brittle? We have a few of them around the house but I don’t really want to drop one onto the concrete threshold just to see if they would shatter. And they might bounce if empty, but full of water, might break for sure. But would not leave lots of glass splinters, so….. 

I am working on a new small Lixit order. I need more nozzles and stoppers. $100 minimum order? 

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique
906 N. Western Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60622
312.492.9673 ext 102
312.492.9674 Fax

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I believe we are looking at polycarbonate for the bigger 16 oz and 32 oz bottles. We get a lot of people complaining about the glass breaking.

The research industry has used polycarbonate bottles for years, hardly ever use the glass. We would not be doing the smaller bottles in a polycarbonate.

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