Booda Comfy Rope Bird Perch for Underseat Carrier

doskosil booda 2 350w
Can you please tell me which LENGTH of Booda Comfy Rope Bird Perch works best for this purpose?
Description says “small is shown” but I think that refers to diameter rather than length.

What kind of bird will be using the bird travel carrier?
If a quaker, cockatiel, conure size the small 14″ should be fine. If a senagal or meyers or small but chubby type bird I would say medium 14. If the bird size sizes to say a grey, amazon, cockatoo, etc, I think a medium 21 would be plenty large enough. 
Once the birds get larger than that, I would use without a perch as they will just hunker down and sleep for the trip on the bottom of the carrier, perhaps with a fabric pad made of fleece not terry so no toe nails get caught.

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