Does anyone use the SuperPet Veggie Baskets for their birds???


Does anyone use the SuperPet Veggie Baskets for their birds???

IF so PLEASE STOP IMMEDIATELY!!!!! These are deadly for birds! They contain LEAD, and if a bird ingests just a very small amount, they can easily die!

I will gladly tell my story if you would like! My bird lived, but it has been a LONG EXPENSIVE battle! SuperPet admits these are not for birds, and told me what these where made of!


Can you expand on this Cindy?

I have a Yellow Bibbed Lory, a Swainsons/Purple necked Hybrid Lorikeet, 2 Goffins Cockatoos, and 2 Macaws. I feed a variety of foods, greens, veggies, and other foods. Several of my internet friends where talking about using the SuperPet Veggie Baskets for giving their birds veggies and treats, so I bought 6. 
About a week after I bought these, my Yellow Bib got extremely ill. She stopped eating, and got so bad that she was convulsing. We took her to an avian vet in Milwaukee, and they did multiple blood tests, and xrays. Found 3 very tiny specks in her digestive system that looked like metal. We started treatment for Metal Toxicity, and prayed.
No one expected her to survive, she was that sick. A week later the blood tests confirmed lead/zinc toxicosis. Due to alot of lost sleep, long days and nights, and lots of help from internet friends and Lory breeders, we pulled her through. We where traveling during part of her illness, so we even went to a fantastic avian vet in Chicago! 
More fluids and more meds for her, but she was slowly getting better. X-rays 1 week after the first visit showed that she had passed the specks, so we treated for another week to rid her of the lead she might have in her system. I started to go through the house to try to find out what she had gotten into. We had nothing new except for the Veggie Balls. 
On a hunch, I called the company, and the first thing the receptionist told me was that they “do not recommend these as safe for birds!” I then ask her what exactly these where made of. She called me back the next day and stated that she had talked to the lead production manager. He told her that these where made of Galvanized metal wire, welded, with electrostatic powder-coating. Galvanized and welded where HUGE warning words, as both these can contain lead and or zinc. 
I am in no way blaming SuperPet. They do not anywhere say that these are for birds, or that they are safe. I just assumed that because they where safe for small animals, and “chew-proof” they would be safe for birds also. The pieces our vet found in the digestive system where so small, that she said it could easily be a microscopic scratch in the coating. (Also, some forms of powder-coating also contain lead). 
I no longer have these in my house, and my girl is slowly getting better. She no longer talks and is not quite “right”, but getting better, and I pray she will eventually relearn to talk again. I just want to warn others in any way I can to avoid these for their birds! No One should have to go through what we did!

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