Lafeber’s Avi Cakes

Lafeber's avi cakes seed & pellet bars parrot

Although Lafeber’s Avi Cakes Seed & Pellet have a lot of bird seed that also have pellets which provide 100% of all the nutrition a bird needs. Because of the multiple texture of Avi cakes – crispy chewy & crunchy, birds will enjoy eating them and generally leave little waste.

Additionally your birds will enjoy the cracked corn, rolled oats and whole eggs that are part of the Avi Cake’s recipe. Seeds in Lafeber’s Avi Cakes come from canary see, safflower, sunfloew and millet.

Dr. Lafeber who designed Avi Cakes is a practicing veterinarian who focued on nutritional deficiencies of pet bird food products Read the product review for Lafeber’s Avi Cakes

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