Cordless rotary bird nail and beak trimmer questions

Hi Mitch,

How does the “Cordless rotary bird nail and beak trimmer” in your current promo compare with my dremel ( which is not cordless)?
Do I need thus for my birds if I have. A Dremel brand dremel (which I don’t use on my birds cuz it scares them, so I take them to the bird groomer.
Would this one you have be less noisy and upsetting to my birds than my Dremel (I have a CAG, a hawkhead, 2 lories, and lovebirds)

Any advice appreciated 🙂


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What are Fake Canary Eggs used for?

Fake Canary Eggs are used to replace the real eggs in a canary nest while the canary is laying a new clutch. When the first egg is laid, carefully with a spoon, remove the egg and put it in a safe place, a small box or bowl lined with tissue or cotton. (a plastic spoon is thinner and easier to get under the egg without breaking it) Put a fake egg in the nest.


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