How Large Bird Cages are Shipped

Shopping for bird cages on the web is fun and efficient. After you’ve made the decision to buy a cage you’re anxiously awaiting it’s arrival but sometimes you might not be sure what to expect. I hope these images help. 

The top 2 images are cages that are usually 32 Inches X 23 Inches or larger. Because of their box sizes and weights it makes more sense to ship them via “common carrier” (freightline) as a FedEx or UPS driver may have a hard time wrestling a 200 pound package around his truck as he may have to get around it to get other packages out for delivery. 
If you’re getting a large cage, the trucking company will call you with a delivery window once it reaches the terminal near your location. It will be between you and the driver to get it off the truck. Once off the truck (and this apples to large FedEx/UPS deliveries too) it may be tough for you to get the entire box (boxes) into your home.
FedEx and UPS’d cages may be left against your home or with someone in your aparment or condo building. If it is just too darn heavy for you to handle, simply open the box in front of your home and take the cage in piece by piece.


Bird cage shipping on a pallet Bird cage shipping on a pallet
Cages are Tee-pee’d so they don’t
get stepped on or stacked on top of
We take great pains to ensure
your cage will arrive damage free
Birdc cage ready to ship by ups or fedex Bird cage ready for shipping ups or fedex
We place hi density “corners strips”
along all the edges of the boxes
If for any reason the box looks compromised upon arrival, either refuse it or call us ASAP


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