Moves 03/31/2008


Simply Everything for Exotic Birds

For this week only Monday 3/24 through Thursday 3/27 –
Our outlet store (2007 W. Fulton St. Chicago, IL 60612) will be open 12:00PM-7:30PM.
Stop by for some great Birdie bargains.

In January we announced we were moving. The actual move from our current to our new location (4726 W. Walton Chicago, IL 60651) about 20 blocks – will begin this Thursday. No shipping Friday and back to business-as-usual Monday March 31st.

The new facility is too large (15,000 square feet – 22 foot high twin ceilings) to heat & cool economically. Rather than building interior offices, we acquired a 50 foot long by 23-1/2 foot wide office trailer. The former owner is a cabinet company and they spared no expense when furnishing this beauty. The challenge was to move it from their place to ours. Here’s a snapshot.

First half – The problem is one side is heavier then the other so it leans a bit

Wcp move 02

No problem when you’ve got Jim Kirincich (blue shirt & hat above) as your
mobile office mover and your landlord is Chicago Lift Truck

Wcp move 01

We didn’t realize the second half was an inch wider than the first half. We’ll be resurrecting our Blog in a couple of weeks and will relate the entire move

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