Pack O Bird Carrier Features

Click to enlargePadEach Pak-o-Bird comes with the following:
A. Folded bird carrier body
B. Front or backpack strap
C. Shoulder Strap
D. Two roof support panels
E. Dragon wood perch
F. Two 5 oz. stainless steel cups
1. Two D-rings on each side of the roof for hanging bird toys
2. Detachable floor panel (can be removed to reduce weight)
3. Fully open front window mesh and covering flap
4. Exterior side curtain and two fastening straps
5. Perch holes for attaching the perch and feed cup
6. Velcro strips for holding the side curtain down
7. Car safety loops for strapping car seat belt/strap
8. Detachable front or backpack strap with adjustable chest strap
9. Tail extension Pouch (for the one with tail pouch) foldable flap on the base of the carrier when not used
10. Detachable Shoulder Strap
11. Four triangular rings for attaching the front/backpack strap
12. Skylight strip
13. Optional accessory – a separate car seat strap is available if needed
14. Zipper with auto-lock device and closure cover flap

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