Guides to make windy city parrot shopping easy & transparent

Guides to Make Windy City Parrot Shopping Easy & Transparent


Cockatoo with folded dollar in beak

Macaw parrot on toy jeep
3 conures on a branch talkiing


Lorikeet talking into hand held microphone
Coockatoo waering red sunglasses driving thunderbird convertable
We like it when you visit us. We see no reason for you to dash off just to see what your college roommate (that you recently connected with after 22 years)
made for dinner.
6 king parrots in the wild
We’ve got more than 300 bird related videos on this site. How many cat videos can you really watch?
Personally, I (mitchr) think parrots were the god-feathers of social media.I state my case here. If you must find us in any of these noisy places, we’ll be the ones with poop stains on the back of our clothing. 
African grey parrot in cage behind lots of bird toys
European man training parrots in a square
Budgie sitting across 2 old style mobile phones
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